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May 28, 2021 Money Management

Gains and Losses In Money Management

The dots on the graph represent your net worth each month. The lines represent the change in your net worth from month to month. Click on any dot on to view your net worth for that month and the total change from the month before. 

To see details about your net worth during a specific month:

  1. Click on a circle to see how your net worth increased or decreased.
  2. Click on the same circle again to bring up a list of gains and losses. A window will appear showing the gains and losses within each account during that month.

Gains: When an asset increases in value or a liability decreases in value, your net worth will go up. For example, putting money in savings or making a car payment.

Losses: When an asset decreases in value or a liability increases in value, your net worth will go down. For example, pulling money out of savings or spending more on a credit card than you can immediately pay off.