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About Us

WeStreet Is More Than Just A Name

We are proud to announce that after several years of due diligence, Tulsa Federal Credit Union has evolved into a bold, new name – WeStreet Credit Union.

WeStreet Credit Union is a community-minded financial institution focused on serving and enriching the lives of others.

By creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, WeStreet helps neighbors become members and members become family.

As a credit union, we were founded on the philosophy of people helping people. It’s about commonalities and oneness. Put more simply, it’s about We.

The word Street evokes the streets that make up our neighborhoods, our financial Main Streets, and the shared paths we all travel.

WeStreet represents unity, togetherness, and communal purpose. It’s about our local ties, collective values, and financial harmony.

WeStreet represents the neighborhoods and streets that truly connect us. Our logo is an abstract symbol meaning several things: two people that are arm-in-arm representing togetherness and two pins on a map representing the location of the communities we serve.

Strong Future Built On A Solid Past


Our story began on August 6, 1943, when six federal employees combined their savings in a cigar box. Since then,  our membership has grown to over 56,000 and counting. Today, WeStreet is a community-chartered credit union—that means membership is available to anyone in our 11 communities with just a $5 Share Deposit.

Credit unions like ours are democratically run and member-owned. Members are elected to the board by a membership vote, and the board is empowered to make decisions about the credit union’s policies, priorities, and future.

Generations of members have passed down investments, savings, and financial knowledge to their children and grandchildren, making WeStreet a part of their family legacy. Each member has helped shape the credit union and will continue to do so.

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WeStreet is inviting and accepting, positive and warm, just like our culture. WeStreet is a place where employees feel like they belong and are celebrated. When people become an employee of WeStreet, they become a part of our family. Our employees give WeStreet its identity. From service to security, they are what makes WeStreet feel like home. That’s why we’re committed to providing competitive compensation, excellent leadership, and outstanding educational opportunities for employees.

We take care of our employees because they take care of our members. Engaged, motivated, and well-trained employees are the key to our member-focused culture. WeStreet employees take a “service, not sales” approach to our products because they want to help our members live their best financial lives — instead of focusing on our own profits or making commissions.

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a refreshing, new vision of banking
a welcoming atmosphere where you belong
a sense of authenticity, acceptance, and inclusion

What We Are About

“Robert thought the credit union was the only place in the whole world to have a checking account…”


WeStreet Member Since 1968