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See your full financial picture with the Money Management Portal. View all of your WeStreet accounts and even add accounts from other lenders and banks.

• Automate Your Budget and Set Spending Alerts

• View Your Net Worth or Cash Flow

• Set & Track Savings, Retirement, and Debt Goals

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Manage Your Bills

Whether you need to send a check or transfer money electronically, you can pay practically anyone in just a few clicks.

• Schedule Automatic Payments 

• Set Custom Alerts So You Are Notified When Bills Are Paid

• Pay Bill Online or Through the Mobile App

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Manage Your Cards

Card Management puts you in control of our WeStreet credit, ATM and debit card.

• Deactivate a misplaced card 

• Order a replacement card 

• Cancel lost or stolen card 

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Streamline your day with fewer trips to the bank. Take advantage of online banking to get the most out of your credit union membership.

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Skip A Payment

Defer up to two months of payments on qualified loan to cover unexpected expenses using Skip-A-Pay5, No questions asked.
Select the Loan to Skip via Online Banking or Mobile App

Multiple Ways to Move Money

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Send, receive, and request money. All you need is an email, phone, or account number. It’s a simple and secure way to send person-to-person payments.

WeStreet Transfers

Internal and External Transfers

Transfer funds between your accounts or set up external transfers. Add a one-time transfer, or schedule recurring transfers for the future.

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Learn How to Use More Online Banking Features

Use the free, online tutorials on the online banking platform to learn how to sync online banking with QuickBooks®, set up alerts, share access, and more.

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WeStreet Federal Credit Union (“We” or “Us”) reserves the right to revoke this offer if your account or loan is not in good standing. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse, cancel, change or terminate this offer at any time without notice. This offer applies only to the qualified loan. Skip-A-Pay is not offered on mortgages or open-end credit including credit cards and NuPals. “You” or “your” means any borrower signed on the loan. You understand that interest will continue to accrue on your outstanding balance during this time and the term of your loan may be extended. An extension of loan terms may not extend Guaranteed Auto Protection (“GAP”), accident, life, disability, or other insurance or warranty coverage. Such policies may be nullified by taking advantage of this offer. Please refer to your policy or contract for information. By signing the Skip-A-Pay you acknowledge and agree to have the set-up and the processing fee of $35 per Skip-A-Pay per loan returned to the Credit Union at least one week prior to your loan payment date. If a Skip-A-Pay is received after the cutoff time of one week prior to your loan payment it may not be processed and your normal payment may be due including any late fees. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR LOAN IS SET UP ON AN AUTOMATIC PAYMENT TRANSFER YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THE TRANSFER IS TEMPORARY SUSPENDED FOR THE DURATION OF THE SKIP A PAYMENT. If your loan payment is set up to be automatically transferred from another financial institution, the transfer will still be processed and the funds placed in your share savings account instead of making your loan payment. If your loan payment is transferred from a share within this financial institution, depending on how the transfer was initially set up, it may or may not be automatically suspended for the applicable skipped payment. For questions or assistance, please call our Member C.A.R.E. Call Center at 918.610.0200.