May 28, 2021 Money Management

Create A Saving Goal In Money Management

Take a few minutes to think over your long-term and short-term savings goals. These can include saving for retirement, a dream vacation or covering a large purchase like a recreational vehicle or a new phone. Make sure to assign a dollar value for each goal.

It’s important to note that it’s best to start by setting up an emergency savings goal. Saving $1,000 in an emergency-only account is a good start, but working toward 3–6 months of living expenses is even better.

To create a savings goal:

  1. Click the “+” button at the top right.
  2. Click the “Savings” goal type.
  3. Select a more specific type of savings goal. You can choose from: emergency fund, automobile, college, home, recreational, vacation, electronic, or other.
  4. Edit the details for the goal: give it a name and set an amount you would like to save for your goal.
  5. Click the “Select an Account” field. A window will appear listing all your non-checking, non-debt accounts.
  6. Click the account you’d like to use for this goal.
  7. Click “Save.”

This goal will now appear on the main page of Goals – a green circle above the date when the savings goal is expected to be achieved.To see details and make changes to a savings goal:

  • Click the green savings goal on the timeline.