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June 07, 2023 Services

Business ACH Services

Business ACH Payments and Collections Services allows business users to make and collect payments from their WeStreet Business Banking app. Next, the business user selects the template for the type of transaction they want to make from templates already created on the desktop version of Business Online Banking. Then, the business user can enter the dollar amount being paid or collected and schedule the payment for the necessary effective date. Whether you are on the golf course or traveling, Business users can initiate ACH payments or Collections with the convenience of their Business mobile app.” Finally, if a business owner has an accountant that handles their books, they also have the functionality to approve transactions the accountant processes from the app. Approval process is required for all businesses utilizing ACH origination, and some fees apply.

FAQs For Business ACH Services

  • Is there a limit to the number of ACH transfers a business account can make?
    • There is no transaction limit, but there is a monetary limit.
  • Is there a monetary limit on the ACH transfers made?
    • There is a monetary limit that is set for each business’s needs. These limits are approved and reviewed annually.

Mobile Tutorial

Desktop Tutorial