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July 25, 2023 Personal Account Services

How Banking Alerts Keep Your Accounts on Track

Online Banking alerts can help you keep track of your account balances, large payments, loan due dates, and more. You can receive alerts by Email or SMS text (or both) depending on your preferences.

Since Alerts are fully customizable, you control what alerts you receive and how often.

How to Set Alerts in Online Banking

To get started setting alerts, log in to Online Banking.

  • Hover over the Additional Services tab.
  • Click Alerts in the dropdown list.
  • Add alerts by clicking Add an Alert + and choosing the alert type from the list
  • The New Alert will be added to your list of active alerts. Edit the alert details as needed.
  • Use the checkboxes next to each alert to select whether it will be sent by SMS text, email, or both.
  • All changes to your alerts are saved automatically.

Where Will I Receive Alerts?

Alerts can be sent to your phone via SMS text or an email address of your choice (or both at once if you prefer).

How to Change Your Alerts Email Address or Phone Number

  • On the Alerts page, click for the blue Update link under the listed email address to update to a new email address.
  • Clicking Change or add number under the listed phone number to change it.

What Alerts Can I Set?

When you click the Add an Alert + button, you will see a drop-down with all of these options to choose from:


  • Balance update


  • Low balance
  • High balance
  • Large withdrawal
  • Large deposit
  • Check cleared


  • Loan payment due
  • Loan payment overdue
  • Maturity date
  • Personal message

How to Turn Off Alerts

If you want to stop receiving alerts, you can always remove them:

  • To remove an alert, hover over the alert name in the list on your Alerts page.
  • Click the Remove link in blue in the lower-right corner of the alert item.
  • Click Remove again in the small window that appears and the Alert will be deleted.

You can also uncheck the boxes under the SMS Text and Email options to stop receiving the selected alert without deleting it.

How Long Does it Take to Receive an Alert?

Important transaction or balance alerts will notify you within 5 – 15 minutes of the transaction occurring, including alerts for:

  • Credit transaction above [$ Custom Amount]
  • Debit transaction above [$ Custom Amount]
  • Balance goes Above [$ Custom Amount]
  • Balance falls Below [$ Custom Amount]

Other available alerts will continue to be sent on a daily basis.