October 19, 2023 Accounts Overview

Merge Accounts In Money Management

Duplicate accounts can appear when existing account connections are altered, such as when a financial institution changes the way they name accounts in their system, or when a lost or stolen credit card is replaced. When the account is relayed to Money Management under a different name or identity than what has been received in the past, it is created as a new account in Money Management. This type of duplication can be fixed by merging the accounts to ensure all data is retained. 

To merge duplicate accounts: 

  1. Determine which account is the original — it should have a longer transaction history than the new account.
  2. In the Account Detail view of the original account, click “Mark as Duplicate”.
  3. Select the new duplicate account from the list of accounts available to merge.
  4. Type the word “MERGE” (in capital letters) to confirm that you wish to merge the accounts.
  5. Click “Merge” to complete the process.