Oklahoma Fidelity Bank Transition

Hello, Oklahoma Fidelity Bank Customers

Welcome to WeStreet

At the end of business day, August 18, 2023, Oklahoma Fidelity Bank Pryor customers became WeStreet Federal Credit Union members. 

We are excited to welcome you as a WeStreet Federal Credit Union member. Our team worked diligently to make your transition to WeStreet Federal Credit Union effortless with as minimal of an impact on your existing accounts as possible. 

The Oklahoma Fidelity Bank Pryor branches have transitioned to WeStreet Federal Credit Union as of August 19, 2023. We believe that adding the Pryor branches to the WeStreet Federal Credit Union footprint will provide expanded and convenient access to both you and our current members.


It's a little brighter on WeStreet

WeStreet Federal Credit Union was established in 1943 on the philosophy of people helping people. Today, WeStreet Federal Credit Union, a community-charted credit unionhas grown to over 56,000 members, $950+ million in assets, more than 200 employees, and serves 11 Northeast Oklahoma counties with 14 convenient locations.

Credit unions like ours are democratically run and member-owned. Members are elected to the board by a membership vote, and the board is empowered to make decisions about the credit union’s policies, priorities, and future.

By creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, WeStreet helps neighbors become members and members become family.

You should have received a Member Agreement Packet in the mail. A packet went out per account number, so you may have received multiple packets. If so, all individuals on the account (regardless of the number of accounts) will only need to opt in once.


eSign The Consumer Membership Opt-in Agreement

NCUA and FDIC Insurance Comparison

Your deposit account is held by WeStreet Federal Credit Union. Any FDIC-insured deposits you had with Oklahoma Fidelity Bank and associated with the Pryor Branches are no longer insured by the FDIC. Instead, these deposits are insured through the NCUA. Similar to the insurance provided by the FDIC, the NCUA insures deposits up to at least $250,000 per individual depositor. Provided below is a chart comparing the FDIC insurance coverage with the NCUA insurance coverage.

Insurer Single Account – one owner Joint Account – more than one ownerRetirement Accounts – includes IRAsRevocable Trust AccountsCorporation, Partnership, and Unincorporated Association AccountsGovernment Accounts
NCUA$250,000 per owner $250,000 per co-owner$250,000 aggregate for Roth and Traditional; $250,000 for Keogh. All IRA coverage is separate and in addition to coverage for other credit union accounts.$250,000 per owner per beneficiary up to 5 beneficiaries.$250,000 per corporation, partnership, or unincorporated association$250,000 per official custodian
FDIC$250,000 per owner$250,000 per co-owner$250,000 per owner$250,000 per owner per beneficiary up to 5 beneficiaries.$250,000 per corporation, partnership, or unincorporated association$250,000 per official custodian

WeStreet Credit Union Account Information

Here is a breakdown of WeStreet’s account information structure to help you transition from your Oklahoma Fidelity Bank account to your WeStreet account.  

Member Number, Account Number, or Primary Share Number: All in the same. A unique set of numbers that establishes your account at WeStreet. 

Share Number: This number specifies which type of account you have with WeStreet. For instance, Share 0004 – the 4 is your Share number.

ACH or MICR Number: a combination of your Share number followed by a zero and your member number used to set up direct deposit and electronic payments for your account. For example – If someone had the account number 1234567. And a checking account with a Share Number of 0004. Their ACH or MICR number would be 401234567.


Transition of Accounts

We offer similar products and services to what you had at Oklahoma Fidelity BankWe have converted your accounts into similar WeStreetFederal Credit Union accounts. If you would like to transition into a different account or add additional accounts offered by WeStreet Federal Credit Union, please get in touch with WeStreet Federal Credit Union’s Member CARE Call Center at 19186100200, and we will be happy to assist you. 

Debit/ATM Cards, Checks, and other Withdrawals

Before the conversion date, you were sent a new WeStreet Federal Credit Union debit/ATM cards, including new personal identification numbers (PIN) and checks.

As of August 19, you can use your new WeStreet debit card and checks. Your Oklahoma Fidelity Bank debit/ATM cards will be deactivated and no longer work.

Direct Deposit and ACH Transactions

We will provide you with updated information for your direct deposits and ACH transactions. You must proactively update your scheduled direct deposits and ACH transactions to ensure they are processed and posted to your WeStreet Federal Credit Union account.

For a period of ninety (90) days after the conversion date, Oklahoma Fidelity Bank will reroute any incoming direct deposits and ACH transactions to be posted to your WeStreet Federal Credit Union account, which may cause a delay.

After ninety (90) days, any direct deposits and ACH transactions sent to Oklahoma Fidelity Bank will be returned if they have not been transferred to your WeStreet account.

Online and Mobile Banking

Before the conversion date, you will have access to your Oklahoma Fidelity Bank online and mobile banking site. After the conversion date, your online banking access and platform will change to WeStreet Federal Credit Union’s online and mobile banking platformYou will need to enroll in the credit union’s online banking platformHere is an article on how to register for online banking – https://westreet.org/register-help/  Detailed instructions and guidance will be provided to ensure a smooth transitionWe will make every effort to assist you throughout the process and help you maintain full access to your accounts online. 

Account Statements

Oklahoma Fidelity Bank will continue to issue statements to you until your accounts are converted to WeStreet Federal Credit Union accounts. A final statement will be sent that will include all account activity for the month’s end before the conversion date.

After the conversion date, WeStreet Federal Credit Union will begin issuing you statements as you receive them today (i.e., paper or electronically). You will receive an initial statement that includes all account activity since your final statement from Oklahoma Fidelity Bank, which will serve as your reference to verify balances, etc.

Time Deposits and Loans

Before the transition, time deposits and loans had the same rates and terms. After the transition, your accounts have undergone some changesYou were issued a unique member number and a new account number(s), which will be provided to you through the contact information you had on file. 

There will not be an immediate impact on your certificate’s current term and rateWhen it matures, you will be notified via mail and given a 10day grace period to make any preferred changes.   


Safe Deposit Boxes

You can continue to access your safe deposit box at your branch as you always have before without interruptions.

WeStreet Federal Credit Union will honor your current rate until your safe deposit box is up for renewal. At renewal, your annual rate will adjust to WeStreet Federal Credit Union’s current safe box rate. More information about any rate change will be provided as we get closer to that date.

Mail Payments

Payments can be sent directly to WeStreet Federal Credit Union at:

WeStreet Credit Union
ATTN:  Payment Services
PO Box 267
Tulsa, OK 74101-0267

We also offer additional payment options. Here is a link to additional payment options https://westreet.org/payments/ 


At the end of business day on August 18, 2023, Oklahoma Fidelity Bank resigned as your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) custodian. At that time, WeStreet Federal Credit Union became your IRA custodian.  If you would prefer to transfer your IRA to a custodian other than WeStreet Credit Union, please send a request in writing as soon as possible addressed to the following:

Oklahoma Fidelity Bank
Attn: Debbie Ciucyk
100 East English
Wichita, KS 67202

Welcome to WeStreet!
During the transition, we are committed to ensuring you maintain access to your accounts and are able to conduct transactions.

This webpage will be periodically updated as new information becomes available. If you have questions about the merger, the credit union, or membership, please contact and a representative will respond during regular business hours.


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