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October 22, 2020 Member Resources

Register For Online Banking and Troubleshooting

Using your Online Banking tool allows you to have more power over your account right at your fingertips. With features like Quick Balance, Bill Pay, Money Management, and Cash Back Rewards, Online Banking can save you both time and money.

How to Register

You can register for Online Banking by clicking “Login/Register” at the top of this page.

Your username will be your Member ID # (Share Savings Account Number) and your starting password will be four zeros followed by the last 4 digits of the primary account holders social security number (0000XXXX). Once you login, you’ll be able to set a new password.

Common Questions & Topics

Here are some common questions and answers for registering or signing up for Online Banking.

Why isn’t my verification code working?

Make sure that the verification code you are using is a 6-digit numerical code.

If you are using a 6-digit code, your code may have expired. One-time verification codes expire after 10 minutes in order to ensure they are not misused. If your code is over 10 minutes old, you should request a new one by following these steps:

  • Click Login/Register at the top of this page
  • Your initial username will be your member number (Primary Share number).
  • Your initial password will be four zeros followed by the last 4 digits of the primary account holders social security number (0000XXXX).
  • Validate your registration by receiving a code via phone call, text message, or email.
  • Enter the code into the prompt, and complete your registration.
  • If you are still having trouble getting the verification code to work, please call our Member CARE Call Center at 918.610.0200,

I want to send the verification code to my phone, but the phone number saved in my account is no longer correct or I don’t have access to my phone right now.

Please call our Member CARE Call Center at 918.610.0200 and one of our support staff will be able to update your contact information for you.

I received the verification phone call, but the system is responding “That is not a valid extension.”

Press the # key

What is a username?

A username is a unique set of characters created by you during the registration process. Each username must follow three simple rules:

  1. It cannot be identical to your account number or your password
  2. It must be a minimum of 6 characters long
  3. It cannot contain only numbers, it must contain letters as well

I forgot my username.

Just click “I can’t access my account” and then click “I forgot my username” and type in your email address. An email with your existing username will be sent to you.

I forgot my password.

On the sign-in page, click “I can’t access my account.” Then type in your existing phone number and username and click the “Send me a password” button.

I am still unable to login.

If you have made too many incorrect login attempts, your account may be temporarily locked as a safety precaution. To unlock your account, call our Member CARE Call Center at 918.610.0200.

I need to change my username or password.

Once you are logged in, click on “My settings” on the top right of the screen. Click “Edit” next to the item you would like to change.

My mobile device was stolen or lost.

Follow these steps:

Call your carrier to report the incident and cancel service to the phone/tablet.

Call our Member Care Call Center at 918.610.0200 to cancel your device’s access to the Online Banking platform.

I can’t put my cursor in the field to set up phone number.

This could be related to your browser compatibility. If you are using Internet Explorer 11, please download either Firefox, Safari, or Chrome internet browsers and use that to access the Online Banking platform instead.