March 25, 2021 Ask A Local

How To Find A Good Roofing Company In Tulsa

When you need a good, quality residential roofing company, time is usually of the essence. In fact, it usually isn’t until you have water coming down into buckets or shingles in your yard after a storm that many rush to quickly research roofing companies. But choosing a residential roofing company should not be based solely on who is fastest, cheapest and can solve your problem quickest.

This guide can help you select who’s right for you when you’re balancing needed, immediate repairs with the desire for quality work and long-term sustainability. No matter if you have an asphalt shingle or metal roof, here’s what to look for in a good residential roofing company in Tulsa and the surrounding areas and what not to want when reviewing your roofing company options.

First, Remember: You Are in Charge

Even if you have an emergency roofing problem, your roofing company should give you a full inspection and explain the needed repairs, installation procedures, timelines and costs up front, said Chris Meyer, Turner Roofing president and owner, a Tulsa-based roofing company with more than 50 years of experience servicing Oklahoma.

“If a roofing company charges for an inspection, choose someone else,” Meyer said. “And, if you don’t feel completely comfortable with the roofing company or if they are not being 100 percent transparent, call different roofing companies until you are comfortable. You are in charge, and you should be completely satisfied from the first inspection to the finishing touches of the repair.”

Hire a Locally Owned Roofing Company

Ask friends you trust to recommend roofing companies they’ve hired for successful repairs or replacements in the Tulsa area. Pursue those companies that come highly recommended from friends. In fact, go by and check out the projects they’ve done for your friends. And make sure those companies are locally owned, hire locally and locally invested.

“A local roofer is going to understand your town’s rules, code regulations and available materials,” Meyer said. “And, a local roofing company has a stake in improving his own community. Local companies can work faster, source materials better and understand your needs better than outside companies.”

In addition, many roofing companies, including Turner Roofing, offer free estimates to let you know what they propose needs to be fixed with your roof as well as how much it will cost. If time allows, gather several free estimates to compare what services are recommended. This will ensure you are not only getting the best price but also that the recommended services are agreed upon by several different residential roofing professionals.

Check the Better Business Bureau Rating

Review the company’s Better Business Bureau rating, licensing and insurance, and investigate how long they’ve been in business. A quality roofer will have a high BBB rating. In addition, they should have insurance for all employees and subcontractors. The roofing company should be quick and happy to share their rating and other verifiable professional information with you. If they are not, keep looking.

Of course, new residential roofing companies can be excellent as well. Everybody has to start somewhere. However, a roofing company that has years of experience and service to point to will ensure you are not stuck with a fly-by-night roofing company that may not be around to fix warranty work or even finish the job they start.

“We are proud to have the highest Better Business Bureau rating, and we love to tell our clients about it,” Meyer said. “And, we also tell our clients about our 50-plus years in the business. We want them to know we’re well established, have an excellent reputation and we can give a list of references easily to talk about our quality and service. If a prospective roofing company is not up front with these attributes, please keep searching. It’s usually a red flag.”

Watch Out For Pushy Contractors

Watch out for pushy contract negotiations or a roofer who cannot explain all the details of the contract. You most definitely want to have a contract and a warranty for your roofing repair or replacement. However, you also want to make sure you understand every part of it.

If your residential roofing company representative is pushy with you to sign quickly, can’t or won’t explain parts of the contract, or upsell you on materials you don’t understand or services you didn’t think you needed, hold off! Either find an independent person to review the contract or find another roofing company.

“Our sales team does not work on commission for this very reason,” Meyer said. “We want to be able to take the time to explain the process, the services, the timeline and expectations, the contract and the warranty included as long as the client needs us to do so.

“If you are finding you are dealing with a company that is trying to rush you, this is a sign that the contract might include clauses you don’t like or that the contract favors them over you. Take that contract to someone else, or find a roofer that will take the time to make sure you are comfortable. After all, this is a major repair to most family’s biggest investment.”

Bottom line, Meyer said, look for a roofer who works to be transparent, explains the process, timeline, costs and contracts fully and has been vetted by references, professional organizations and even your own friends. Even in a roofing crisis, Meyer said, take the time to make sure the roofing company works with you.

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