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August 31, 2023 Business Services

Autobooks Overview

What if collecting electronic payments from your customers was as easy as sending them a text message?  

Great news: You really can collect electronic payments this easily — just use Autobooks inside your WeStreet business online or mobile banking. 

With Autobooks, You’ll Be Able To: 

  • Easily collect payment or donations, in-person or online 
  • Get paid directly into your secure business checking account 
  • Never lose track of your money on a third-party app 
  • Say yes to customer requests to pay online with a card or ACH bank transfer 

What Is Autobooks?

Autobooks is an emerging leader in digital invoicing and payment acceptance and is a leading integrated payments provider for small business banking.

The integration of the Autobooks invoicing and payment acceptance modules into the WeStreet digital business banking platform. This will help small business owners and nonprofits better manage cash flow and keep track of their customers’ payment status.

With just a few clicks, this much-needed tool helps users create and send invoices, schedule recurring invoices, and receive card and ACH payments directly into their WeStreet business checking account. 

In addition to invoicing and online payment acceptance, Autobooks offers cash flow management, accounting, and financial reporting tools as part of its full product suite.

With Autobooks, WeStreet can deliver workflow-related services that serve their clients’ immediate needs while increasing engagement, loyalty, and profitability.