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July 25, 2023 Personal Account Services

Be Ready: Comparing Overdraft Services

Sometimes budgeting mistakes happen and there just isn’t enough funds to cover a transaction, bill, or payment. That’s why we offer overdraft services – Overdraft Transfer, NuPal, and Courtesy PayB3- to protect you against the occasional overdraft. 

An overdraft occurs when an item, or a transaction, that you make, or authorize, by check, electronically or otherwise exceeds the balance in your account and is paid using an overdraft service.

If an overdraft service isn’t on an account and that account doesn’t have the funds to cover a transaction, that item will not be paid and returned to the vendor as an insufficient funds transaction (an “NSF”).

Although you are under no obligation to participate in any overdraft service, it is generally less expensive to use overdraft services to pay for an item than to miss an important payment and incur fees from a transaction being denied and returned NSF.

Overdraft Transfer

Overdraft Transfer is an optional overdraft service in which, if requested, you authorize us to make transfers from a designated account to a designated checking account for the purpose of covering insufficient or unavailable funds and fees.

A single overdraft transfer fee is applied at the end of the day that an overdraft transfer is processed. Any transactions that are not paid by the Overdraft Transfer will either be paid through one of our other overdraft services, if applicable, or returned unpaid and any applicable fees will be assessed as contained in the fee schedule.


NuPal is a pre-approved line of credit that can be used as overdraft protection on your account or as a personal line of credit. If you qualify for this optional service, you may save money on the total fees you’d pay for overdraft services.

There are two ways to access your NuPal line of credit – by making a cash withdrawal through the teller line or by writing a check from your account. Members can pay off their NuPal balance all at once or monthly payments on the balance according to the payment schedule.

Courtesy Pay

A one-limit-fits-all overdraft model based solely on account type does not adequately fit all of our member’s needs.

Therefore, we manage Courtesy Pay limits with a customized amount based on your daily account activity and other factors such as how long your account has been open and the frequency of deposits into your account.

There is no cost to have Courtesy Pay protection on your account. However, if you have an overdraft, a standard $30 overdraft fee per item will apply.


B3Courtesy Pay is a discretionary overdraft service available on eligible checking accounts and is not a right or obligation. Courtesy Pay applies to a variety of transactions including checks and other transactions made using your checking account number, in-person transactions, bill payments, ATM and debit card transactions, and other electronic means.

However, we will not include ATM and everyday debit card transactions within Courtesy Pay without first receiving your affirmative consent to do so.

Courtesy Pay is offered in anticipation that you will be making an immediate deposit to bring your account positive. You may opt out of the service at any time including the optional affirmative consent for ATM and Debit card transactions.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide this service at any time or from time to time on any account without notice. Courtesy Pay/Overdraft Fee is $30.00 per item and may be waived for transactions resulting in a negative balance of $5.00 or less. See Courtesy Pay Policy for more details.