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January 23, 2023 Member Resources

Mobile Privacy Policy

Last Updated December 22, 2022

When you use our mobile applications to engage in loan applications, new account opening or electronic banking services, there may be times when you are asked to provide information about yourself that is personally identifiable (“Personal Information”).


  • Your first, middle and last name,
  • Your zip code, home or other physical address (including the street name and name of a city or town),
  • Your electronic mail (email) address,
  • A telephone number,
  • Social security number,
  • Member account number,
  • Date of birth,
  • Mother’s maiden name,
  • Password or any other identifier that permits physical or online contact with you,
  • Geolocation, and
  • Biometric information, examples of which include your fingerprint verification and facialID (Face ID) recognition.


  • Income
  • Account average balances
  • Household income
  • Mortgage, credit card or other debt
  • Mortgage or rental payments
  • Other credit-related information

For the purpose to provide you with mobile digital banking services, you need to provide us, or allow us to collect the following information necessary for the following purposes or functions:

Registering mobile banking services

Your name, mobile phone number, e-mail address, share account number, password, and biometric information.

Logging onto mobile banking service

Your username, password, mobile phone number, verification set by you or created or sent via security device, mobile phone, e-mail or authenticator app.

Logon verification

To provide you more safe and convenient access to our mobile app service, you can choose to logon mobile bank via Touch ID, Fingerprint and Face ID unique to your mobile device software and version.

Fingerprint or facial biometric recognition functions

  • A fingerprint is used to log in securely in lieu of a user ID and password.
  • Every person with an enrolled fingerprint on the device will have access to your account.
  • You are not able to see or store your end users fingerprint information.
  • The app does not know whose fingerprint is being used to login. It just has to be a validone for using the device.
  • This feature is associated to one username at a time.
  • Financial Institutions who have signed up for adopting Apple Pay are using Touch ID when it comes to “money movement”
  • You may want to consider additional information about this feature in the Terms & Conditions.

How can I turn my fingerprint/face ID on or off?

The options to manage Touch ID, Fingerprint, and Face ID are only available on the WeStreet Mobile App. These options are not available on our full website westreet.org. To turn on fingerprint/face ID on or off:

  1. Settings > Touch ID > Enable (iOS)
  2. Settings > Fingerprint ID > Enable (Android).
  3. Settings > Face ID > Enable your “Face ID” and toggle it on or off as needed.
  •  You will need to have a device with a Touch ID, Fingerprint ID or Facial ID and enable your biometrics to use this service.
  • b)  If the “Remember me” option is turned off, Touch ID and Face ID also turns off. You will need to enable it again to continue using it.
  • c)  Even when Touch ID, Fingerprint ID or Face ID is enabled, you can log in with your username and password.
  • d)  If you disable Face ID, you must confirm your identity each time you log in. Certain mobile app features may not be supported.
  • e)  If you have enabled Touch ID or Face ID, you won’t be asked a security question during log in.

Pulsate, a mobile marketing software for apps, collects the following information:

  • Location – Used for geofencing and beacon scanning for advertising/marketing campaign delivery
  • UserID – Pulsate creates a random user GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) upon initial
  • app access, which is later used during every connection with Pulsate. This GUID is
  • unique for each device/app and changes after every app reinstall. This ID is used for
  • identifying a user and sending campaigns.
  • Product Interaction – Pulsate tracks users app entry, app exit, and pages viewed within
  • the app.
  • Name – Pulsate collects the user’s first name for product personalization purposes.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Mobile Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time due to legislative changes, changes in technology, our privacy practices, or new uses of your information not previously disclosed in this Mobile Privacy Policy. Revisions are effective upon posting and your continued use of this site or our services will indicate your acceptance of those changes.

Data Retention

We retain personal and financial information for as long as necessary to provide the financial services and fulfill the transactions requested by or on behalf of our members, or for other essential purposes such as complying with our legal obligations, maintaining business and financial records, resolving disputes, maintaining security, detecting and preventing fraud and abuse, enforcing our agreements, and for any other necessary business purpose.

Contact Information

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions about this Mobile Privacy Policy, please call 800.256.5626.